High-end Slingshot For Pro Hunting Flat Band


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This is a unique slingshot for hunting expert. The width of bow head can be adjusted from 80mm(3.15inch) to 90mm(3.54inch). You can DIY your favorite structure of bow head. One movable independent sight, can be installed on left or right side that is suit for left-handed person also. The sight has an internal led light and an optical fiber that easily to make a precise shootting whether day or night. It can be moved not only horizontally but also vertically to meet your aiming way. Easy to change the rubber band by hand in seconds. The thick handle gives you the confidence to make a powerful launch.

Material: Titanium
Size: W80-90 x H110 mm

What's In The Box

- 1 x slingshot
- 10 x flat band
- 2 x interanl screw
- 2 x external screw
- 2 x optical fiber
- 1 x magnet ring
- 1 x hand strap