The Most Powerful Slingshot Wrist Catapult


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It is one of the most powerful slingshots in the world.The initial design began in early 2009. Bulk generated in 2011.The new technology of this slingshot including: leverage acceleration technology.eccentric shaft technology, as well as the spring booster.These new technologies were perfect condensed into this most powerful wrist rocket slingshot.The kinetic energy is more 15%-20% than other slingshots.Even if you are a novice to use this professional slingshot for hunting.You can easily play a powerful shooting.The cowhide wrist rest is movable.

Material: Aluminium alloy and 304 stainless steel
Size: W107 x H176 mm

What's In The Box

- 1 x slingshot
- 1 set of allen wrench
- 4 springs
- 1 set of 4 bands - Internal Diameter 1.7mm Outer Diameter 4.5mm
- 2 set of 4 bands - Internal Diameter 2mm Outer Diameter 5mm
- 1 set of 4 bands - Internal Diameter 3mm Outer Diameter 6mm
- 30 rounds of 8mm steel balls

The most powerful wrist rocket video
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