Survival Tools

Our survival tools are specifically for outdoor survival situations. They are not just a necessity for hunting in the wilderness. It's an insurance policy in which every outdoor enthusiast should invest. Here are the survival tools for short-length wilderness survival situation.

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Emergency Space Blankets For Hunting Outdoor Life 6 Pack

Space Blanket is used to reduce heat loss from a person's body. It reflects up to 90% of body heat to keep warm. In a hot environment, it can be used...

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Survival Bracelet Multi-function Tools Kit On Wrist

Wear survival gear on your wrist with this Survival Bracelet.The bracelet is made of durable and heavy-duty parachute cord. Function: 1.Whistle...

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Outdoor Emergency Survival Kit 6 Tools

6 in1 survival tools.It's suitable for camping, hiking, hunting, survival and emergency situation. Size Of Box: L9.5 x W6.5 x H3 cm What's In The...


Outdoor Emergency Tools Survival Kit For Hunting

A set of high quality survival tools, which can give you a help in an emergency situation.The Survival Emergency Tools are ideal for hunter, fisher,...


A Multi-function Tools Kit For Outdoor Survival

Multi-functional tools kit suitable for different needs outdoor life. Water & shockproof box can keep the tools in a safety.It's necessary for...


Survival Kit For Emergency With Survival Bracelet

This survival kit will keep you safe in any emergency situation.The survival tools was packed into a super compact, ultra-durable, waterproof and...