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Wooden Pocket Slingshot Handmade Mini Catapult Dragon


SKU: SH901112
Price: $177.00  $88.00

This wooden pocket slingshot is great quality, exquisite carving, took an excellent polish. Made of rosewood. This handmade slingshot is not only for ... more info

High Quality Wooden Slingshot Handmade Tiger Pocket Catapult


SKU: SH901115
Price: $167.00  $68.00

High quality wooden slingshot. It was carved from a whole piece of rosewood by hand. The rosewood is strong and heavy. This wooden slingshot is great ... more info

Handmade Slingshot Wooden Slingshot Cobra


SKU: SH901116
Price: $163.00  $78.00

A handmade slingshot. Made of rosewood that is strong and heavy. Superb carving process. Quality guaranteed. This wooden slingshot is for both ... more info

Handmade Wooden Slingshot Flat Band Hunter Gift


SKU: SH811303
Price: $158.00  $68.00

This is a wooden slingshot that was carved by hand. Careful carving makes it lifelike. The shape is a leopard. Expressing speed and passion. You can ... more info

Wooden Slingshot For Collection And Hunting Hand-carved


SKU: SH811295
Price: $177.00  $88.00

This slingshot was hand carved. Complex carving process, every detail was carefully engraved. It can be installed with a flat band for target ... more info

Wooden Slingshot Hand Carved Slingshot


SKU: SH811293
Price: $177.00  $88.00

This slingshot has a collectible value, made of Padauk, hand-carved from a piece of wood, vivid carving. It is not only for collection but for ... more info