About Us

  We came into the platform of slingshots in the year 2007. In short time we became the most powerful provider of the slings equipment to all parts of the country. We initially started our supplies only at the local market. Our dedication and highly sophisticated slings gathered lot of attention. We started to export the slingshot to worldwide from the year 2011. This was the major success of our company as we started to succeed in this platform and gathered many customers.

  Our innovative and well designed slingshots became the most sought after online. Hence we started to design and trade with highly professional and powerful slingshots for hunting. We know the hunter's kit is never complete without the most powerful slingshots. The slingshot for hunting is used for hunting, sporting and other gaming activities.

  All our slingshots enter into the high tech era even though the basic concept is small catapults. We design and produce hunting slingshots using the modernized and advanced CNC machines so accuracy and standardization are the best through our professional slingshots. We have a range of slingshots in diverse shapes, materials and styles to meet the needs of different users.

  We kept the various advancement areas in mind and made a radical improvement while designing the forks design, material and the propulsion power. We also considered the physical dynamical power that is needed for the slingshot shooting and came up with the right device for that purpose too. Our wood slingshots are made of rose, padauk or ebony wood to give that elegant and trendy look. You can also get the 304,316 and 630 stainless steel hunting slingshots from us. Enjoy this art form of hunting with a professional sling and feel the super powerful and accurate shooting.