Powerful Slingshot Hunting Outdoor Hunter Shot Catapult Launcher 4 Bands


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This traditional slingshot has a wonderful structure as a catapult launcher. The lengthened slingshot arm increases the weight to improve the stability of the firing process. More importantly, the curved structure of the slingshot and the lengthened arm reduces the impact to the palm. Its innovative curved structure is more suitable for the outdoor hunter. The obvious advantages are its shot precisione and large pull forces. It is destined to become the classic traditional slingshot.

Material:304 Stainless Steel
Size: W90 x H135 mm

What's In The Box

- 1 x slingshot wrapped around rope
- 1 x 4 strips band - Internal Diameter 1.7mm Outer Diameter 4.5mm
- 1 x 4 strips band - Internal Diameter 2mm Outer Diameter 5mm
- 1 x 4 strips band - Internal Diameter 3mm Outer Diameter 6mm

Video for this slingshot.