Professional Slingshot Hunting Catapult Launcher Full Metal 2/4/6 Bands


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1.In particular, this professional slingshot set the inside and outside sights. The close distance sight is at outside. The inside has a long-range sight. You can more accurately hit the target.
2.The steel frame wrist rest was bent to conform to the body curve.
3.The detachable wrist rest is suitable for different shooting habits.
4.The handle is in a small curve that has even more force and more ergonomic as a hunting catapult launcher.
5.Excellent for outdoor slingshot hunting.

Material: Aluminium Alloy
Size: W104 x H172 mm

What's In The Box

- 1 x slingshot with rest
- 1 x 4 strips band - Internal Diameter 2mm Outer Diameter 5mm
- 1 x 4 strips band - Internal Diameter 3mm Outer Diameter 6mm
- 1 x 6 strips band - Internal Diameter 2.5mm Outer Diameter 5mm
- 5mm block balls 20 pieces