Survival Bracelet Multi-function Tools Kit On Wrist


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Wear survival gear on your wrist with this Survival Bracelet.The bracelet is made of durable and heavy-duty parachute cord.

Function: 1.Whistle 2.Niddle for phone 3.parachute cord 4.compass 5.Waterproof SOS LED light 6.Fire Starter 7.Knife Edge 8.Bottle Opener 9.Can Opener 10.Saw Blade 11.Wrench 12.3-Size Hexagon 13.Small Bicycle Chain Tool 14.Big Bicycle Chain Tool 15.Flat Screwdriver 16. Cross Screwdriver 17.Scrapper

SOS LED has 3 lighting modes include normal, flashing and S.O.S .

This sruvival bracelet is suitable for various applications.

- 1 x Survival Bracelet

*The color of the LED light has two colors of white and green,will send at random.